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Welcome to Six Degrees

You have found the Community Health Hub you are looking for!  

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You have been looking for support through healing & stress or for maintenance and wellness and you have found it.

Offering effective affordable health care for the past 7 years, Six Degrees is home to over 15 skilled and caring practitioners.  We won't judge you, and we will take you seriously.  We work with people towards their goals of health and wellness.  

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Thoughts to chew on.....General Guidelines for eating Well.

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Knowing how to eat is getting ridiculous! At any given time in the paper, on TV, or in the supermarket there are new breakthroughs on how much B12 one needs, how to combine food, calorie intake, Raw, macrobiotic, zone, alkaline, detox, high protein. Ahhh!

Spring into Summer Newsletter

In this edtion...

'to Detox or not to Detox..Dilemmas and Spring Cleaning

'Sustaining the Form...Exercise and Asian Medicine'

'Yoga for Smokers who don't want to be Smokers'

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