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Welcome to Six Degrees

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You have been looking for support through healing & stress or for maintenance and wellness and you have found it.

Offering effective affordable health care for the past 7 years, Six Degrees is home to over 15 skilled and caring practitioners.  We won't judge you, and we will take you seriously.  We work with people towards their goals of health and wellness.  

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Creative Resistance and Resilience: Group Therapy for Women and Trans People

Our goal is to provide a group environment in which people who have traditionally been marginalized, pathologized, and/or excluded from therapy can participate in non-hierarchical, non-judgmental, anti-oppressive therapeutic experience.

Riding the Lively Wave-a yoga and therapy group for anxious people

Upcoming 8 week program starts September 19, 2009.
Register by Sept 12
Saturdays 10am-1:00pm: Yoga session 1.5hrs; Therapy session 1.5hrs.

When your thoughts are racing with "If only" and "What if?", your shoulders are up by your ears, your rib cage is caving in, sleeping has been replaced by pacing and your world is shrinking by the minute taking this sound advice becomes more than a little bit daunting.

Soothe your fearful mind and stressed body with this supportive program that combines the benefits of group therapy with the know-how of yoga practices.

No Degrees of Separation

i started seeing susanda some time ago as i had won a gift certificate to
six degrees community. i had been undergoing private acupuncture for years
previous however it was getting cost prohibitive. i was immediately
impressed with the space but more importantly i really enjoyed the concept
and approach to healing as well as instantly liking the person who was
going to be sticking needles into me!! that is very important to me.
community acupuncture has allowed me to enjoy and reap the benefits from

Blood Deficiency

In Chinese medicine Blood is a condensed a dense form of Qi. It is derived from the food we eat and air we breathe. The Spleen, Lungs and Heart all aid in production of Blood.

Blood provides nourishment and moisture to the entire body. It provides the fuel for movement and keeps muscles, skin and hair healthy. Having sufficient blood also nourishes the mind and keeps our reactions and memory sharp.

If your memory is poor, skin, hair and nails dull and limbs weak and fatigued Blood deficiency may be involved.

Service list

Shiatsu Therapy

Matt Sedo


Lamia Gibson



Marika Schawdt



Anita Young



Big “S’ Spleen and Little “s” Spleen- Understanding Organs in Chinese Medicine

The language of an acupuncturist can be baffling. "Something's wrong with my kidneys? Do I have stones? My Spleen is giving me hemorrhoids? What's a san jiao and where is it?"

We're hoping to clear this up a bit.

Cultures have different versions of god, gender, food, and behavior to name a few. They often overlap but are sometimes different. The same can be said with how the body works, is described and perceived.

Big “S’ Spleen and Little “s” Spleen- Understanding Organs in Chinese Medicine

The language of an acupuncturist often baffles folks.  “Something’s wrong with my kidneys?  Do I have stones? My Spleen’s giving me hemorrhoids? What’s a san jiao and where is it?”

We’re hoping to clear this up a bit

Cultures have different versions of god, gender, food, and behavior to name a few.  They can overlap but are sometimes different.  They same and be said with how the body works, described and perceived.

Community acupuncture is taking root in Canada!

Canadian Community Acupuncture Network (CCAN)


CCAN is a nonprofit organization of practitioners, clients and supporters of the practice, promotion and development of community acupuncture in Canada. 

CCAN is in the process of developing

-Clinic/ Practitioner listings
-On-line community acupuncture forum for dialogue and support
-Resource list for community acupuncturists and clients

Emotional and Mental Health


Emotional and Mental Health

By Susanda Yee, Community Acupuncturist

Low Back Pain

From a mild dull ache to flat out on your back, Low Back Pain comes in many forms. It can creep in over a few months of hard work or, with injury, can come quick and fast and strong. If you have ever experienced any degree of pain in the low back area you'll know it can have a big impact on your day-to-day life.

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