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Offering effective affordable health care for the past 7 years, Six Degrees is home to over 15 skilled and caring practitioners.  We won't judge you, and we will take you seriously.  We work with people towards their goals of health and wellness.  

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Freedom Within: A Yogathon

Freedom Within

A Yogathon to support a yoga program for women trapped in the prison system

Our people love our yoga

some testimonials from recent classes... 

"Charlene is a skilled and encouraging guide.  She helps me stay connected to my breath, and to determine my posture, according to my own body.  Her style helps me to go deeper and hold longer, while staying relaxed.  I felt extremely grounded afterwards."  

Food as Medicine

In TCM, we consider food as medicine, and diet as one of the key factors in balancing health. It’s so basic, yet it’s often ignored. Grains are used to feed the body, and fruits, meats and vegetables aid in this effort. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to balance and properly nourish our bodies. Like duh! 

Colleen Helgason

The 2010 Survey Results Are In!

Thank you so much for all your amazing feedback.

For the full survey report click here

Six Degrees

As the Season Changes: A Mystery Unfolds

As the season changes and the cold creeps in, certain health issues arise in us. It's always an interesting moment when almost every client in one day or the same week comes in to tell me about a sudden, and strange health occurrence! Commonly, the usual elements of these health narratives may fall under: the unusual (This has never happened before!); intensity (It’s killing me!); suddenness (I was walking along and then BAM!, my back gave out!); an element of disbelief (What is happening to me?).

Susanda Yee

Beat the Winter Blahs!

It's mid February, and these last few weeks of winter can be the most
difficult to get through. Reduced sunlight, more time spent indoors and
less time spent being active can all contribute to feeling a little less

Jiselle Griffith

Client Experiences: Qi, Diasporic Memory, Social Movements and Co-existence

Being a client at Six Degrees has brought me to revisit a few misgivings, I
think, both as an individual who identifies herself as a Mad person or
psychiatric survivor and as the child of diasporic parents from Hong

Louise Tam

Client Experiences: Going with the Qi

For me, one of the best things about acupuncture is that it helps me
prioritize my health and requires that I listen to my self, my mind and
my body.  Often, we (and particularly women) are told to disregard what
we feel and know because something else is more important.  Eventually,

Dorian Lebreux

Traditional Cough Remedy

* Simmer 3 onions in water until soft.
* Add a little honey.
* Eat one onion from this mix every four hours.

A Tasty Soup for Warming your Kidney Qi

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