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You have been looking for support through healing & stress or for maintenance and wellness and you have found it.

Offering effective affordable health care for the past 7 years, Six Degrees is home to over 15 skilled and caring practitioners.  We won't judge you, and we will take you seriously.  We work with people towards their goals of health and wellness.  

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Our people love our yoga

some testimonials from recent classes... 

"Charlene is a skilled and encouraging guide.  She helps me stay connected to my breath, and to determine my posture, according to my own body.  Her style helps me to go deeper and hold longer, while staying relaxed.  I felt extremely grounded afterwards."  

- Bo Yih
"Within the first 20 minutes of the class I was able to discharge a lot of heat from my face and head. It surprised me. I immediately felt my mind clear and the pressure in my head (which I wasn't really aware of) lighten. It was like a sigh of relief throughout my whole body.  It's been 2 days since the class and I still feel really good and grounded."

- S. Yee


"I felt really good about Yin Yoga.  I'm so glad I went to the class.  I found it challenging at times, however, the gentle and grounding focus of the class made me feel powerful, and I felt positive shifts in my body and spirit.  I found the instructor's approach to be very supportive and caring.  I feel that it was my favorite yoga class I have ever been to!"

- Anonymous

"I have been attending Sairupa's classes for the past 8 years and must say that practicing at Six Degrees feels deeply nourishing and welcoming.  Sairupa is already a favorite teacher of mine and I am so glad she has been teaching regularly in this space."
- L. Gibson