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Client Experiences: Going with the Qi

For me, one of the best things about acupuncture is that it helps me
prioritize my health and requires that I listen to my self, my mind and
my body.  Often, we (and particularly women) are told to disregard what
we feel and know because something else is more important.  Eventually,
we internalize this command and begin to tell ourselves to disregard our
feelings, so that workplaces or personal relationships “run
smoothly.”  We tell ourselves to ignore this pain or that feeling of
exhaustion because we have to get things done, now. We say that we’ll
deal with whatever it is later, if there’s time. 


Earlier this year I sat in front of my doctor explaining that I had a pain in
my side that would wake me up in the early morning hours. Pressed for
time, he asked a few questions, threw some meds my way, and scheduled
some tests.  After a lot of ineffective pills and tests, I found myself
with the same pain and no answers. The doctor told me that there was
nothing the matter with me. Yet I experienced a lot of non-specific
symptoms: I was exhausted, depleted emotionally and physically, stressed
out, stressed out and anxious… plus pain kept insisting that something
was wrong.  I decided to try acupuncture because I felt needles were
less invasive than taking meds that made me sick or xrays and
ultrasounds that didn’t show anything.  


When I started going to acupuncture I was dealing with severe writer’s
block. I’d had to drop out of school to work fulltime in a job I don’t
particularly like and that doesn’t particularly like me and while trying
to finish my degree on weekends.  I’m often emotionally and financially
maxed out, trying to do more than is possible with resources that I
don’t have.  I wouldn’t let myself rest, and so I couldn’t work either,
because I was too tired. I was stuck in an unhealthy trap of guilt and
denial, not entirely my fault, but my responsibility.   After a month of
treatment, I found myself writing letters to people I’d hurt or who had
hurt me, a former lover, a former employer, my parents, a former
bff.  I’d never given voice my feelings about our relationships or how
they had ended but now I wrote these letters in a torrent of
truth-telling and hit send. I wrote more in the rest of that weekend
than I had all summer.  It was effortless and beautiful.


For me, acupuncture is like that letter writing: it helps pinpoint and
release blocks.  It requires that I take me seriously. It requires that I
pause in my crazy life and ask how I feel physically, emotionally,
mentally.  It requires that I answer honestly and respect those
answers.  It requires that I acknowledge and accept my situation, not to
deny my dreams but to properly identify how best to realize them.  I’m
not 100% better. I’m still all of those things that brought me to
acupuncture in the first place, but less so.  And in taking the time to
address those things, I am getting past them.

Dorian Lebreux