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Beat the Winter Blahs!

It's mid February, and these last few weeks of winter can be the most
difficult to get through. Reduced sunlight, more time spent indoors and
less time spent being active can all contribute to feeling a little less

But you don’t have to wait until the Spring for relief. These naturopathic tips can help you revive your energy and keep your mood on the up:

Vitamin D

This vitamin is a powerful mood booster and a hormone the body makes
naturally with the help of sunlight. It also supports immune function
and helps the body ward off nasty viruses, keeping you healthier as well
as happier. Reduced winter sunlight lowers vitamin D levels. Making
supplementation necessary for most of us in northern climates. The
recommended dose is 400 IU but see your naturopath as individual needs
may vary.

Stay active 

Try a new winter sport, dust off your toboggan or grab a friend for a
winter walk. Added minutes spent out in the sunlight can help you
produce your own vitamin D. Activity increases the body’s endorphins –
our own natural mood elevators. So even regular weekly indoor exercise
can make a difference. Yoga, tai chi, and  qi gong can all help to
rebalance and restore the body’s energy.

Light therapy

Use of a phototherapy lamp in the morning may help balance emotions and regulate sleep cycles.

Rest and play

Pay attention to your emotions and body’s needs. When you’re tired -rest.
Be gentle with yourself and take the time to reflect and regenerate.
But don’t go for too long without seeing a friend. Social contact and
interaction is another mood enhancer. So make play dates, hold a
potluck, join a group, or stop by and get some community acupuncture.

Jiselle Griffith